The Top 10 Pokemon of Flashfire

by Colin on May 1, 2014

We at the Celadon City Gym are not particularly thrilled about Flashfire. We love Grass Pokemon and Flashfire is largely about our greatest enemy – Fire Pokemon. Fortunately, Flashfire doesn’t unleash too many strong, Fire Pokemon onto the format. There are only two or so strong Fire Pokemon and two or so strong Fire Trainer [...]

Personal Thoughts: A City by the Ocean

by Colin on April 17, 2014

Hello Celadon City! I’ve been thinking a bit about what I’d like to write today and not one topic really stands out. I performed poorly at Seattle Regionals, so I don’t particularly want to talk about that. I had a great time and made some new friends. I played in some League Challenges last weekend, [...]

The WillGen Experiment

by Brit on April 15, 2014

Hi all! Moderate apologies for not producing any content last week. I actually sat down and began to write something but, as I got further into the entry, it just didn’t seem like it was worth writing. That is, I don’t think either of us really had anything to gain from me telling you how [...]